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Rhinophyma is a variant of severe rosacea whereby the nose becomes bulbous, red, and bumpy. This can be quite concerning and disfiguring to patients. Previously rhinophyma was thought to be associated with alcoholism and drinking, but studies now show that there is no association. Nonetheless, the perception remains for many making this condition even more uncomfortable and embarrassing for patients. Fortunately there are procedures to help improve the appearance of the nose and smooth out the texture.

We combine several procedures to improve the nose size and shape including surgically removing any redundant skin, smoothing down bumps with electrocautery and finally using dermabrasion (a sanding procedure) to improve the overall texture of the nose.

Cost and Insurance of Rhinophyma

This procedure is not covered by insurance and the cost varies depending on the complexity of the procedure ($800-2000). If you are concerned you have rhinophyma, Drs. Baucom and Mina would be happy to discuss with you during a consultation ways to improve the appearance.