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Melanoma and Atypical Nevus (mole) excision

The melanoma excisions that we do are a modified or “slow” Mohs procedure. Basically we process the tissue overnight by an outside lab as the lab results are more reliable when done that way for melanoma. It requires the patient to come back to the office the next day to get the results and either be repaired or to have another layer of tissue removed. If another layer needs to be taken then they need to come back the next day.

For patients with a diagnosis of pigmented growths, you will be treated with “Slow Mohs”

This would include

  • atypical or “displastic” nevus (mole)
  • pre-melanomas
  • spitz nevus
  • melanoma
  • lentigo maligna
  • atypical melanocytic neoplasm

Your diagnosis makes it necessary for us to use overnight section processing which takes 12-14 hours. We will remove the first layer with mapping, exactly as described in the brochure, but you will go home immediately there after. You will need to return the next morning to find out the results of the pathology. At that time we will know whether there are any “roots” left and if we have to take an additional layer. The removal process will continue each day until clear margins are achieved. (Many people will only need one layer, it depends on the growth of your particular lesion.) Once the margins clear, we will be able to do whatever is necessary to aid in healing. Therefore, you will need to plan on at least two (and possibly more) visits on sequential days for complete removal of this lesion.