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December 2021 Newsletter

Published on December 1, 2021

Welcome to Baucom & Mina Derm Surgery, LLC’s monthly newsletter. We are excited to provide this service to our patients to discuss relevant dermatology, surgery, and cosmetic topics, and keep you posted on what’s new in our office. If you have not already signed up for the e-newsletter, you can do so on our website by clicking the button below.

Happy Holidays!

We can’t believe it’s already December, one of the busiest months in our office. Between time off with family, parties, celebrating, there’s also the last-minute rush to get into the doctor before the end of the year for those who have met their deductible. If you will be needing medical or surgical care, be sure to make your appointment as soon as possible. We are doing our best to get everyone in as needed before the end of the year.

Do you know how to do a self-skin exam?

If you’ve ever been to the dermatologist office (and you likely have if you’re reading this!), then chances are you’ve had a total body skin exam. Dermatologists recommend adults over the age of 50 have one annually, and if you are prone to skin cancer, more often. In between visits to the dermatologist however, patients should perform monthly self-skin exams at home. But do you know how to do a self-skin exam? Follow these tips from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) on how to perform these like a pro!

Self-skin exam

*Items you will need include a brightly lit room, a full-length mirror, a handheld mirror and a small flashlight. For hard-to-see places, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Undress so you can see your skin clearly.

  1. Part your hair and examine your scalp
  2. Examine your face looking closely at your lips, ears (behind and inside) and nose.
  3. Examine the front and back of your hands, your nails, and palms.
  4. Examine the front and back of your wrists, forearms, upper arms, and armpits.
  5. Examine your neck, chest, and belly, lifting up and checking under skin folds.
  6. Turn your back to the mirror and use the handheld mirror to examine your back, back of neck, and shoulders.
  7. Using both mirrors, examine your buttocks and back of legs.
  8. Sit down, prop your leg on a chair or stool. Examine your legs including tops of feet, in-between toes, toenails, and sole of feet.
  9. Carefully examine the groin and genitals. Pull back skin and use a light for hard-to-see areas.

Any new, growing, changing skin lesion (mole, sore, growth) or a spot that bleeds, burns, itches, or causes pain should be evaluated promptly by your dermatologist. www.asds.net

Annual Holiday Raffle!

Back by popular demand, we will be having our annual Holiday Raffle this month!

Be sure to drop your name and contact info in the box in our waiting room for a chance to win this amazing gift basket. This gift contains some of our favorite skin care products, plus a great Neutrogena tote bag!

We will be drawing a winner on Thursday 12/30.

Holiday Raffle gift basket

Resident Cosmetic Session

Last month we held our quarterly ‘Resident Cosmetic Session’ with senior Emory Dermatology Residents! Always a fun morning of cosmetic cases with these bright and talented physicians. A win-win, the patients will look great and the residents got to refine their surgical and cosmetic skills.
Resident Cosmetic Session

Congratulations to Kathryn, BSN, RN

Many, many thanks and congratulations to our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Nurse Manager, Kathryn, who has successfully kept our surgery center running smoothly and in compliance with many regulatory boards (AAAHC and CMS) for over 8 years!

This is no small feat and we appreciate her dedication and meticulous work over the years. Kathryn is stepping down from this supervisory role at the end of December, but we are fortunate to have her continue on as a clinical nurse in our practice.

Kathryn, Nurse Manager

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Atlanta Community Food BankDecember is a time for celebrating, festivities, gift gifting, and over-indulgence. But it’s also a time to remember those less fortunate. At Baucom & Mina Derm Surgery, we are blessed to have a thriving medical practice and the privilege to take care of our patients day after day. We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many less fortunate and in need. We will again be recognizing our partners and colleagues in the community who help us provide exceptional care with a gift in their name to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank’s mission is ‘to fight hunger by engaging, educating and empowering our community. (They) work with more than 700 nonprofit partners to distribute 65 million meals across metro Atlanta and north Georgia.’ If you’d like to learn more about this exceptional group and the great work they are doing across our community, please check out their website. www.acfb.org


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