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Dermal Filler Procedure Steps Atlanta

Published on October 15, 2019

Dermal Fillers are performed to fill in areas of the face that have lost volume over time and are showing signs of aging, or to enhance features that were never as full or defined as desired. In a dermal filler treatment, the first step is for the qualified professional administering the filler to assess your facial appearance and strategically mark the injection sites. Next, the injection area will be thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial agent. In some cases, an anesthetic ointment may be used.

The injections take just a few moments in each site and then the area is messaged and evaluated to see if additional fillers are needed. Dermal Filler injections in total may take just 15 minutes or they may take up to an hour. It just depends on how many injections are being performed. Finally, the area is cleaned and the patient is free to go back to their daily schedule. Some soreness or swelling is to be expected, but nothing strong enough generally to require pain medicine.

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