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February 2021 Newsletter

Published on February 1, 2021

Welcome to Baucom & Mina Derm Surgery, LLC’s monthly newsletter. We are excited to provide this service to our patients to discuss relevant dermatology, surgery, and cosmetic topics, and keep you posted on what’s new in our office. If you have not already signed up for the e-newsletter, you can do so right now:

The Moderna Vaccine & Dermal Fillers…Is It Safe?

Moderna VaccineWe’re now in the 3rd month of vaccinations for COVID-19 with 1a individuals (65+) along with healthcare workers able to get the vaccine here in Georgia. With the more generalized rollout, reports have surfaced of an association between the Moderna vaccine and facial swelling. The FDA reported reactions from November 25, 2020 and prior showing 3 patients out of 15,184 who developed facial swelling a few days after receiving the Moderna vaccine. Fortunately, this resolved without incident in all 3 individuals and none were classified as ‘serious’ events.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) has issued the following guidance to help dermatologists and patients:

  • Delayed dermal filler inflammatory events very rarely occur.
  • These reactions can be triggered immunologically by viral and bacterial illness, vaccinations, and dental procedures.
  • These adverse events are rare and temporary, often self-resolving without the need for intervention.
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  • Patients with a history of dermal fillers should not be discouraged or prevented from taking the COVID-19 (Moderna) vaccine.
  • Conversely, patients who have received the COVID-19 (Moderna) vaccine do not need to avoid dermal fillers in the future.
  • Any reaction to dermal fillers or vaccinations in general should be discussed with your physician.

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Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest Baucom & Mina Derm Surgery, LLC info. And look for our latest videos on YouTube where we discuss and showcase medical and cosmetic procedures we perform in our office
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We are excited that all of our staff members have received the first COVID vaccine, with 2nd shots happening this month! If you have any questions or concerns about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, we can help. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the vaccine, how it works, how it feels, etc. Overall, the majority of staff members tolerated the vaccine very well. Side effects ranged from ‘no symptoms at all’ to ‘slightly tired’ to feeling ‘under the weather with achiness and fatigue.’ Fortunately, all these side effects were mild compared to how COVID can wreak havoc on one’s self!

Drs. Baucom and Mina
Baucom & Mina Staff Member

‘Why does my scar go this way?’

We hear this question a lot from patients who are curious about why the scar is oriented one way or another. It’s a great question and here’s how Drs. Baucom & Mina approach scar orientation.

  • Unlike in cosmetic surgery, we don’t get to choose where a skin cancer grows so we must be able to hide scars that are in conspicuous places like the apples of the cheek or tip of the nose.
  • We rely on ‘relaxed skin tension lines’ (RSTL), also known as Langer’s lines, first described by Karl Langer in 1861.
  • RSTL show the orientation of underlying collagen fibers.
  • Typically scars that follow RSTL heal optimally as the scar is not in tension with the underlying collagen and musculature.
  • Areas under tension and movement however heal best with scars oriented parallel to muscular contraction (linear scars on the arms or legs).
Skin Tension Lines Illustration
Skin Tension Lines Photos

Valentine's Day heartFebruary is the month of love so go on and tell your spouse, family and friends how much they mean to you! And don’t forget to show yourself some love, too. We often treat ourselves much more harshly than we would ever treat another person. Whether that’s some quiet time alone, a massage, workout or delicious dinner, taking the time for self-care is not only good for you psychologically, but also for your overall health!

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