Sclerotherapy & Spider Vein Treatments

Answers to Most Common Questions About Sclerotherapy:

What is a Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an injection procedure offered by Dr. Baucom for removing unwanted “spider” veins that are most commonly seen in the legs, cheeks, or even nose. This process involves injection directly into the vein, thus causing destruction of the vein itself.

How Did I Get These Veins?

The most common reason for getting varicose veins is heredity, so if either of your parents had varicose veins, chances are, you will also have them. It has also been noted that pregnancy or hormone therapy can increase the amount of varicose veins you have.

Will it Hurt?

The biggest complaint from sclerotherapy patients is not necessarily from the needle stick, but rather from the burning or cramping sensation that is often associated with the injection of the solution.

What Will I Look Like Following the Injections?

The treated areas will be red and somewhat swollen, and the injection sites will look like mosquito bites and may bruise. The redness will fade in a few days, but you can expect your veins to temporarily look worse. The veins will take three to four months to resolve. Not every vein will respond to treatment.

What Will Happen if I Leave Them Untreated?

Usually nothing, but complications have been known to be related to varicose veins, such as pain in legs, cramping, or increase in number of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy will treat the veins already present, but there is no evidence that it works to prevent future development.

Will the Veins Ever Come Back?

More than likely, yes. Although the areas treated generally do not return. You may have formation of new veins at different sites from those that were treated. The average time of return is between three to five years. Results differ from patient-to-patient, and the treatment is never a guarantee that it will get rid of every vein you have.

Is the Treatment Very Expensive and Will My Insurance Pay for the Treatment?

The cost of treatment varies per person, and depends on the amount of veins you have, and the time it takes for the treatment. This treatment is considered a cosmetic treatment, and is generally not covered by insurance companies, therefore, payment by the patient is expected at the time of service. We will be happy to provide you with a form to file with your insurance company, as some policies will reimburse your expenses.

We offer both hypertonic saline and Asclera for treatment of spider veins.

Scheduling a consultation with Drs. Baucom and Mina is the best way to ensure that you get the quality results you deserve.

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